About Us

Our History

In March 2021 the St George Motor Boat Club (MBC) acted on an expression of interest for the catering facilities at the Georges River 16FT Sailing Club (Sailing Club).
The Board of Directors of the MBC had lengthy discussion regarding the pro’s and con’s of starting a catering business in another venue. The MBC currently averages 12,000 meals per month at the Marinas Edge Restaurant and 8,000 meals in the café. This combined with a health function trade sees the MBC doing $8.5 million in food sales in the 2020/2021 financial year. Due to the overwhelming success of the current catering, it was decided to proceed with the Sailing Club partnership.

After preparation and planning the MBC started serving meals in the Sailing Club Restaurant on 2nd June 2021. The menu was decided to be Australian with a strong seafood element given the magnificent water views. To maximise the Marina’s Edge brand it was decided to rename the restaurant Bay’s Edge Restaurant.
Together with the restaurant the MBC will be providing catering for the Sailing Club Functions and bar snack facilities with specialty nights already being implemented.
We look forward to providing the members and guests of the Sailing Club with a fine array of cuisine at the best possible price.